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The Golden Hinde Interactive Powerpoint – Early Years

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Suitable for: EYFS

Subjects: Early Years


A fun EYFS educational resource for young kids aged 3-5.

Discover sailing ships, meet the diverse crew and have fun with Goldie the deer – The Golden Hinde’s official mascot!

This PowerPoint-based class activity is specially created to complement the national curriculum and is perfect for school or home learning.


Suitable for: EYFS

Subjects: Early Years

Topics: N/A

This resource was created by The Golden Hinde. Images, text and content may be subject to copyright.

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About The Golden Hinde.

Tucked between high-rise buildings on the south bank of the River Thames is a full-size reconstruction of The Golden Hinde.

Just like Sir Francis Drake’s famous ship which circumnavigated the world in 1577, the reconstruction of The Golden Hinde has sailed the circumference of the earth, and has travelled over 100,000 miles in total. Now berthed near to Shakespeare’s Globe, The Hinde serves as a Living History Museum and an exciting educational resource for visiting school groups.

Their programmes are all designed to breathe life into history, encouraging students to step back in time and imagine life at sea over four hundred years ago.

Written to complement in-class learning and the national curriculum, The Hinde offers a range of workshops, tours and immersive experiences for students in Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.