Free English Heritage Teaching Resources & Teaching Ideas.

Free English Heritage teaching resources, education packs, educational games, lesson plans, presentations, educational videos and worksheets that you can download and use for free.

1066 Battle of Hastings – Abbey and Battlefield Teaching Resources.

Apsley House Teaching Resources.

Audley End House and Gardens Teaching Resources.

Beeston Castle and Woodland Park Teaching Resources.

Birdoswald Roman Fort – Hadrian’s Wall Teaching Resources.

Bolsover Castle Teaching Resources.

Carisbrooke Castle Teaching Resources.

Carlisle Castle Teaching Resources.

Castle Acre Priory Teaching Resources.

Deal Castle Teaching Resources.

Dover Castle Teaching Resources.

Eltham Palace Teaching Resources.

Framlingham Castle Teaching Resources.

Goodrich Castle Teaching Resources.

Helmsley Castle Teaching Resources.

Home of Charles Darwin – Down House Teaching Resources.

Kenilworth Castle Teaching Resources.

Lullingstone Roman Villa Teaching Resources.

Mount Grace Priory Teaching Resources.

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English Heritage

English Heritage is uniquely placed to explain English history. They look after over 400 historic places, dating from prehistory to the Cold War.

Their resources include education packs, lesson plans, guides and timelines. Their teaching materials support teachers taking a school trip and back in the classroom.

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KS2 Resources

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KS5 Resources

Art & Design Resources

Citizenship Resources

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English Resources

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Art & Design Resources

Citizenship Resources

Drama Resources

English Resources

Geography Resources

History Resources

Maths Resources

Science Resources

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