Discover the amazing history of Liverpool!

This demonstrator-led virtual classroom offers an opportunity to discover the history of Liverpool from the time of the first Stone Age settlers to the present day. Explore the reasons why Liverpool became so important and some of the key characters that made it possible as 12,000 years of history are explored together.

Your journey begins with a question; how old is Liverpool? The virtual workshop introduces students to the times before Liverpool was named and moves on to when King John declared Liverpool a town. Each period is brought to life by costumes, games and by exploring their unique collection of historical objects. Together, you’ll travel through time and discover the importance of Romans, Vikings, Anglo Saxons and King John.

The journey continues together to investigate the importance of the River Mersey and the development of a system of docks. Explore how Liverpool grew into one of the most important British cities and how people from all over the world came to this land on ships bringing goods from every continent. These essential routes are tracked and examined.

The virtual workshop ends by considering how Liverpool has changed to become the vibrant city that it is today. Students will understand the changes in Liverpool’s industry, population and in how people enjoyed themselves by comparing paintings from National Museums Liverpool’s collections, continuing to examine their unique collection of objects and completing a poem together.

To conclude, students will watch a unique film, ‘800 years in 60 seconds’, which shows Liverpool’s transformation from a fishing village to cosmopolitan city and also offer the chance for the students to ask questions of our expert education demonstrators.

This workshop is accompanied by a pre-workshop lesson plan and post-workshop follow up activities to consolidate students’ learning on the subject matter covered.


Suitable for: KS2

Subjects: Citizenship, English, Geography, History, PSHE

Price: £90 (per session)

Duration: 50 minutes

Min. Students: N/A

Max. Students: 32

Platform: Microsoft Teams

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