Explore the infamous story of RMS Titanic!

This virtual classroom is perfectly suited to groups exploring the infamous story of RMS Titanic and her links to Liverpool. It offers the opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the many different personal experiences linked to this famous disaster that forms our impressions of the era.

This virtual workshop begins with a warm welcome and introduction by one of National Museums Liverpool’s costumed education staff followed by a short pre-recorded film of the Titanic gallery at the museum including highlights of key objects to set the scene and provide context.

You’ll then focus on the main narrative of the story, showcasing a variety of museum handling objects and on-screen images to inspire curiosity and encourage interactive participation through simple tasks, opinion sharing and collaborative discussion.

In teams, and in character, children will be ‘hot seated’ in the role of their chosen passenger to elicit both factual and imagined emotional information about them. This will help students build a better understanding of the wide variety of people brought together in this unique situation.

Students will be invited to think about the multiple perspectives historical events present to us. Was anyone to blame for what happened or was it a series of unforeseen events? They will be challenged about perpetuated myths and misconceptions surrounding the ship, exploring the wider context of Edwardian society – including class, age and gender and how this affected individuals’ chances of survival in the early hours of 15 April 1912.

This workshop is accompanied by a pre-workshop lesson plan and post-workshop follow up activities to consolidate students’ learning on the subject matter covered.


Suitable for: KS2

Subjects: Citizenship, English, History, PSHE

Price: £90 (per session)

Duration: 50 minutes

Min. Students: N/A

Max. Students: 32

Platform: Microsoft Teams

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