Introduce your students to Liverpool’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade.

Transatlantic slavery was responsible for the forced migration of more than 12 million people from Africa to the Americas over hundreds of years, well into the 19th century. This virtual classroom introduces students to Liverpool’s involvement in the trade, explains fundamental aspects of transatlantic slavery, and explores its impact on the lives of those involved.

In this museum-led virtual classroom, students will be guided through a series of activities to understand different facets of transatlantic slavery. The key topics covered are forced migration, enslavement on the plantation, resistance as well as abolition movements and how they connect to contemporary issues including Black Lives Matter.

Students will be introduced to historical sources and artefacts to aid and deepen their understanding of this complex and difficult history. This unique learning experience illustrates the massive impact of transatlantic slavery on the world and the ways it still impacts our lives today.

This workshop is accompanied by a pre-workshop lesson plan and post-workshop follow up activities to consolidate students’ learning on the subject matter covered.


Suitable for: KS3

Subjects: Citizenship, History

Price: £90 (per session)

Duration: 50 minutes

Min. Students: N/A

Max. Students: 32

Platform: Microsoft Teams

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