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KidZania Numeracy Workshop


Your students will create their own shop in this Numeracy Workshop from KidZania London.

Suitable for: KS1, KS2, KS3

Subjects: Citizenship, Maths, PSHE


It all adds up…

Your students will use their imaginations to create their own shop, including its inventory and name. As well as deciding on its number of employees and how much of a loan is needed from KidZania’s National Bank to support their new business venture. Mathematical skills are key in this workshop as your students navigate loans, repayments and profit and losses.

KidZania’s education team will help students flex their mathematical skills including multiplication, ratio and percentages. Not only does this workshop compliment skills needed when earning and spending kidZos in the city, but allows discussion around PSHE topics including money, wealth and the economy.


Suitable for: KS1, KS2, KS3

Subjects: Citizenship, Maths, PSHE

Price: £2 per student

Duration: 1 hour

Min. Students: 20

Max. Students: N/A

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Considerations for children with SEND

For information for children with SEND, please email their schools team – schools@kidzania.co.uk.

Accessibility Details

For information accessibility, please email their schools team – schools@kidzania.co.uk.

Health & Safety.


Find out about KidZania’s Safeguarding measures here.

If you have any questions, please email their schools team – schools@kidzania.co.uk.

Risk Assessment

Find out about KidZania’s Health & Safety measures, including information on keeping the workshops COVID-secure here.

If you have any questions, please email their schools team – schools@kidzania.co.uk.

This workshop was created by KidZania London. Images, text and content may be subject to copyright.

We regularly check that this information is the latest and most up to date version, however it is advised that you also contact the venue directly if you need any further information, or have a particular question or concern.

About KidZania

Designed for children aged 4-14, KidZania blends learning and reality with entertainment. During a four-hour experience, children can independently choose from a number of real-life activities and test their skills in a variety of professions.

KidZania believes in ‘learning by doing’ and encourages kids to role-play to become a pilot, a fashion designer, a vet or a window cleaner whilst inspiring the development of important skills such as critical thinking, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, teamwork and much more.

As the only KidZania in the UK, they pride themselves on the amount of experiential learning on offer to children. In their 4-hour visit, kids can independently explore future careers, work on key skills or just enjoy educational playtime by taking part in a huge range of activities. Whatever they choose, kids can enjoy a full learning experience as they work, earn and play in a safe and controlled environment – all children are given an RFID bracelet upon entering to ensure children remain safe.

KidZania represents experiential learning at its very best and helps bring learning to life in a fun and safe environment with activities that support STEM learning, English, Maths, Careers and Aspirations, Science and much more!

KidZania London: For Lessons you can’t teach!

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