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This hands-on workshop offers students the opportunity to touch real and replica objects from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Using their powers of deduction, students will become junior museum archaeologists to discover what the objects reveal about the people who lived in Britain between about 9000 and 2000 years ago.

The workshop will cover people in Britain during the:

  • Mesolithic period, 11,000 – 6,000 years ago. People were hunting and gathering their food and living in the wild.
  • Neolithic and early Bronze Age, 6000 – 3500 years ago. About 6000 years ago people began to farm and cultivate crops as well as continuing to hunt and gather food.  Bronze tools were introduced around 2200BC, marking the beginning of the Bronze Age.
  • Later Bronze Age and Iron Age, 3500 years ago – 43AD. Life became more settled and the look of the landscape changed as people cleared the forests around their farmsteads, grazing animals and growing crops.
  • Iron Age, from about 800 BC. Iron began to be used alongside bronze and stone.

Key Information.

Suitable for: KS2

Ages: 7-11

Subjects: History, Science

Topics: Bronze Age, History Around Us, Human & Physical Geography, Iron Age, Team Building, Materials, Community

Type: At Venue

Duration: 50 minutes

Cost: From £3 per student (£90 per session, max 30 per session)

Dates: Ongoing

Min. Students: N/A

Max. Students: 30

SEND: Yes - suitable for students with SEND

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