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From virtual to in person, from Pirates to the Titanic, the Maritime Museum offer a variety of museum-led workshops for EYFS to KS2 students. These workshops will bring learning to life and inspire the imaginations of your students by engaging them in activities based on real artefacts and objects.

Overview of the Maritime Museum’s Workshops

Using feedback from teachers, the Maritime Museum has designed curriculum-linked virtual and at venue workshops for Key Stages EYFS – 2.

The Maritime Museum’s virtual classrooms are delivered via Microsoft Teams and last 50 minutes each, with capacity for up to 32 students.

The Maritime Museum’s at venue workshops are museum led and last up to 60 minutes each, with capacity for up to 30/32 students.

The Maritime Museum’s Virtual Workshop

Titanic storytelling Maritime Museum Main Image 4

Titanic: Travelling in Time

Explore the infamous story of RMS Titanic with this virtual workshop from National Museums Liverpool.

This virtual workshop from the Maritime Museum is perfectly suited to groups exploring the infamous story of RMS Titanic and her links to Liverpool. Students will be encouraged to think about the multiple perspectives historical events present to us.

The Maritime Museum offers the opportunity for pupils to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the many different personal experiences linked to this famous disaster that forms our impressions of the era. One focus is on the main narrative of the story, showcasing a variety of museum handling objects and on screen images to inspire curiosity and encourage interactive participation through simple tasks, opinion sharing and collaborative discussion.

Suitable for: KS2
Subjects: Citizenship, English, History, PSHE

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Titanic: Travelling in Time Virtual Workshop.

The Maritime Museum’s at Venue Workshops

Smuggled stashed and seized Maritime Museum Main Image 2

Smuggled, Stashed and Seized

A unique and engaging workshop from the Maritime Museum for students to explore Liverpool’s connections to the world of smuggling and trade.

This Maritime Museum workshop is perfect for classes studying a local history topic as they will explore Liverpool’s connections to the world of smuggling and trade through its position as one of the top ports in Britain.

Students will be introduced to objects from the Maritime Museum’s extensive collection of items seized by the Border Force and the stories behind them, be they endangered species, fakes or concealment of illegal goods.

Suitable for: KS2
Subjects: English, History, Science

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Smuggled, Stashed and Seized Workshop.

Pirates Ahoy Maritime Museum Main Image 1

Pirates Ahoy

A fun and interactive workshop from the Maritime Museum for students to explore the golden age of piracy.

The workshop presents a unique learning opportunity and is led by an experienced member of the education team in costume.

During the workshop students will learn that piracy is an ancient and mostly unromantic occupation. The Maritime Museum uses a model sailing ship and other replica objects to illustrate the various jobs and hazards of being a pirate. Students will learn about the different types of pirates, buccaneers, privateers and female pirates.

Please feel free to go along dressed in your own fearsome pirate costumes!

Suitable for: KS1 & KS2
Subjects: English, History

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Pirates Ahoy Workshop.

Titanic Voyage of discovery Maritime Museum Main Image 3

Titanic: Voyage of Discovery

An interactive learning session from the Maritime Museum for students to learn about the Titanic and its connections to Liverpool.

Led by an experienced member of the Maritime Museum’s education team, Voyage of Discovery is an exploration of the Titanic, its local history connections to Liverpool and the causes of the famous disaster.

Utilising the Maritime Museum’s range of replica handling objects, the students will take part in discussions and dramatisations about the ship, exploring the places associated with it and the experiences of the different classes of passengers and crew on board.

Suitable for: KS2
Subjects: History, Sociology

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Titanic: Voyage of Discovery Workshop.

Titanic storytelling Maritime Museum Main Image 4

Titanic Storytelling

The Maritime Museum’s creative and engaging approach to introducing students to the RMS Titanic.

Any early years or key stage one class studying English and or History would engage with the Maritime Museum’s highly interactive education session about a little boy and his favourite toy. The students learn about the Titanic by taking part in the storytelling and playing different parts from the story.

Through the storytelling students will learn about different aspects of life on board the famous ship, as well as life in the Edwardian era.

Suitable for: EYFS & KS1
Subjects: History, Sociology

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Titanic Storytelling Workshop.

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