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Create lasting and meaningful connections with nature with WWT’s Generation Wild programme.

Helping students in disadvantaged areas connect with the outdoors with free school trips, family trips, and teaching resources. 

The quick overview

WWT’s Generation Wild programme gives opportunities for students from schools in economically disadvantaged areas and their families a free opportunity to connect with nature at a WWT centre and back in the local community.

The programme is available to Primary KS1 & KS2 students in eligible schools (see below for details).

The programme links to a wide range of curriculum areas but mainly focuses on science and geography.

Their accompanying free teaching resources and activities are made for all ages and focus on:

  • Migration
  • Adaptations, evolution and inheritance
  • Food chains and webs
  • Habitats 
  • Identification & classification
  • Life cycles

Generation Wild is available at seven of their wetland centres across the UK:

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About WWT’s Generation Wild programme

WWT’s Generation Wild programme will connect 45,000 children and their families with nature. The programme has been built in partnership with theatrical producers, creative technologists, artists and puppeteers to offer a truly unique and unforgettable immersive experience.

Children and their families will be transported by a magical narrative as they meet Ava, a part-bird, part-human creature in a giant nest. Can they help her find her family, fulfil her destiny, and unlock some of nature’s wildest secrets?

Participating schools will benefit from FREE school trips to a WWT centre (including free transport), FREE visits for families and a specially designed website to encourage continued nature-connection activity at school, at home and in local green spaces.

The programme is now open to eligible schools (see below for details), with places offered first-come-first-served.

What’s included in WWT’s Generation Wild programme?

WWT’s Generation Wild programme helps reduce the barrier of nature for students in schools in economically disadvantaged areas.

The programme includes a free school trip for your class (suitable for ages 5-11). The scheme also includes the cost of transport from your school to the centre.

Students can then come back for a free visit to share their new love of nature with their families.

The programme is supported by free, curriculum-linked teaching resources and family activities for every season.

And if that wasn’t enough, WWT is offering the chance for your school to win the construction of their own mini-wetland in their school grounds!

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What is the eligibility criteria? 

WWT has based the qualifying criteria on the percentage of students eligible for free school meals to specifically reach children from economically disadvantaged areas.

The current qualifying criteria are:

  • Arundel Wetland Centre: 20%
  • Castle Espie Wetland Centre: 45%
  • Llanelli Wetland Centre: 30%
  • London Wetland Centre: 25%
  • Martin Mere Wetland Centre: 35%
  • Slimbridge Wetland Centre: 25%
  • Washington Wetland Centre: 35%

How can I apply?

You can find your nearest WWT centre on their Generation Wild website. Here you’ll also find more information and contact details to apply.

Find your nearest WWT centre.

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My school isn’t eligible – can we still visit a WWT centre?

Of course!

This programme is specifically targeted to make sure it connects with those that need it the most.

However, all schools across the country can still get the most out of what WWT offers by taking a school trip to one of their centres.

You can find everything you need to plan your school trip to a WWT centre in the links below:


WWT’s Generation Wild programme gives students from schools in economically disadvantaged areas and their families a free opportunity to connect with nature at a WWT centre.

Find out more on the Generation Wild website or download their free Teachers’ Guide.

Find out more on WWT’s Generation Wild website.

Download the free Generation Wild Teachers’ Guide.


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