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Based on the novel by Gregory Maguire and twice voted ‘Best Theatre Production for Schools’ at the School Travel Awards, Wicked explores themes of self-esteem, identity, prejudice, fake news, and friendship.

About Wicked

Wicked Active Learning, the acclaimed production’s new education resource, connects teachers directly with the in-house sales team and provides web-hosted classroom resources (including free Anti-Bullying and Diversity, Inclusion + Wellbeing lesson plans and an interview with composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz, discussing his musical themes and inspiration behind many of the show’s iconic songs, including ‘Defying Gravity’, which is a set work for Pearson Edexcel GCSE Music).

In support of learning outside the classroom and the delivery of cultural capital and personal development, Wicked provides more than 60% savings on tickets, free teacher ratios (with extra tickets purchasable) and a free 20-page guide to planning an education trip, including information to support a school’s risk assessment.

“With themes of self-esteem, discrimination, and identity, Wicked delivers an enriching live theatre experience that supports both the quality of education and personal development elements of the Ofsted framework and enhances our students’ level of cultural capital.”

Head Teacher, All Saint’s School, Sheffield
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Wicked’s School Trip Rates

Schools can take advantage of the exclusive school group rate – allowing them to see Wicked from just £17.50 per student. Teachers also go free, with one place for every 10 secondary students booked and one place for every 5 primary students booked.

Purchase 10-99 Tickets
Band A/B seats reduced to £25.00
Band C/D seats reduced to £19.50

Purchase 100+ Tickets
Band A/B seats reduced to £22.50
Band C/D seats reduced to £17.50

Minimum students: 10 tickets
Teachers: 1 free ticket per 10 secondary students booked and 1 free ticket per 5 primary students booked
Booking until: November 2023
Days valid: Tuesday – Thursday at 7:30pm and Wednesday at 2:30pm performances.

Please note that date restrictions apply to all rates. Please enquire for further details.

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Official Wicked Schools Workshop

Accompany your school trip to Wicked with an engaging, fun workshop to connect your students with the show – available exclusively through Wicked Active Learning.

Official Wicked workshops are provided in partnership with ATG Creative Learning and are tailored to meet the needs of your students. The workshops are delivered by members of Wicked’s past or present creative team and cast. They also have a pool of specialised practitioners who run their Anti-bullying workshops in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Workshops can take place at your school or at a convenient London venue. Talk to their workshop coordinator to find a time to suit your group – whether it’s before a show in
London or in class time at your school.

All workshops are 2 hours.

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Wicked’s Free Teaching Resources

Bring Wicked back into the classroom with their free teaching resources. You can easily access all of their teaching resources in one download by completing the form on the official Wicked Active Learning site.

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Anti-Bullying Lesson Plan

Download this free teaching lesson plan resource to help address and discuss Anti-Bullying in the classroom.

Using the story of Wicked, to understand different types of bullying, explore why people bully and discuss what to do if you see bullying at your school.

View Resource.

Teacher’s Guide to Delivering Intermediate ESOL/EFL English Lesson Plans

This lesson plan teaching resource is suitable for EFL/ESOL students working at Intermediate/B1-B2/Entry Level 3 – low Level 1.

This resource pack is designed to introduce the story of Wicked to students before they see the show, using vocabulary related to theatres and musicals.

View Resource.

Beyond The Story Adaptation

Discover the story of Wicked and the author’s that created it.

From the author of the music and lyrics, Stephen Schwartz, to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’s author L. Frank Baum, this teaching resource offers insight into adaptations and a story’s evolution and adaptions.

View Resource.

Stephen Schwartz Interview Education Video

Watch composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz discuss his musical themes and inspiration behind many of his score’s iconic motifs and melodies, including ‘Defying Gravity’.

The song Defying Gravity is currently a set work for the Pearson Edexcel GCSE Music Grade 9-1 Qualification (Area of Study: ‘Music for Stage and Screen’).

View Resource.

Script Extracts Resource Pack

Explore various script extracts of dialogue and songs from Wicked in this teaching resource.

View Resource.

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Teachers’ Guide to Delivering English KS4 Lesson Plans

This teaching resource pack is designed to support the National Curriculum for English as delivered at Key Stage 4, providing lessons inspired by the musical Wicked.

View Resource.

Teachers’ Guide to Delivering English KS3 Lesson Plans

This teaching resource pack is designed to support the National Curriculum for English as delivered at Key Stage 3, providing lessons inspired by the musical Wicked.

View Resource.

Teacher Introduction Resource Pack

Use this free teaching resource pack to discover the story of Wicked, a synopsis of the original story, character profiles, themes and discussion points.

View Resource.

Theatre Maker Career Videos

Watch Wicked’s collection of theatre careers videos, in partnership with First Careers, featuring a range of on stage and behind the scenes roles.

Each short film profiles a different theatre career and outlines how the Wicked team members worked to gain experience and were inspired to choose their career paths. As well as offering practical advice for young people, the videos also show some behind the scenes footage and insights of the UK production.

View Resource.

Venue History Resource Pack

“Opening as the New Victoria Cinema in October 1930, what is now the Apollo Victoria Theatre has been a giant London landmark for nine decades.”
– The Daily Telegraph

Learn the history of The Apollo Victoria Theatre, why it was created and what it has been used for over the decades in this resource pack.

View Resource.

Secondary Drama KS3 & KS4 Resource Pack

This pack is designed for Secondary Drama teachers and students to explore and analyse Wicked in more depth, after seeing the show.

Included are a range of activities and warm-up games for Key Stage 3 and more in-depth activities and a structured lesson plan for Key Stage 4, focusing on the evaluation and response to the live theatre section (Component 3) in the Drama GCSE exam.

View Resource.

Wicked’s Education Trailer

Wicked Active Learning resources have been created with teachers to enhance your students’ level of cultural capital and personal development, contributing ideas and resources that can support SMSC and the PSHE and Citizenship curriculum.


You can now plan and book a school trip to Wicked at The Apollo Victoria Theatre. The show has exclusive reduced rates for schools from just £17.50. 

You can also support the show with their official workshops and free teaching resources to bring the school trip back into the classroom.

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