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Skydiver at Polka Theatre

Polka Theatre, London

Booking from 1 - 3 May 24

Skydiver at Polka Theatre has now ended its run. Click the links below to see all our current school trip ideas.

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About Skydiver at Polka Theatre

Prepare to soar through the fluffy clouds where flocks of birds and butterflies flutter. Explore the dream-like world that waits above us, in this multi-sensory dance experience for families.

Take your little ones on a magical journey with Skydiver and experience how movement, sound and stunning visuals bring whimsical characters to life in an enchanting encounter in the skies.

Greek dance artist, dramaturg and director Xenia Aidonopoulou makes visually compelling dance-theatre works filled with wonder and imagination that will captivate even the youngest audience members.

Please note: This show uses a small amount of flashing lights and haze and the sound of thunderclaps.

Pre-or-post show workshops available.

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