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St Albans Cathedral.

Everything you need to know about St Albans Cathedral including free teaching resources and virtual school trip ideas.

Virtual School Trip Ideas

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St Albans Cathedral Education Centre offers activities for students of all Key Stages and beyond. Using role-play, artefacts, experiential learning and the building itself, students encounter the stories and history of St Albans Cathedral and learn in new and inspiring ways through a variety of trails and workshops.

Covering a range of curriculum areas, including History, RS, Art & Design, PSHE/Citizenship, Maths, English, Science and Geography, a fascinating and thought-provoking day in this magnificent setting can provide new skills, deeper understanding and a stimulus for further study.

Newly launched for 2021, and ideal for Key Stage 2, St Albans Cathedral will be able to offer Virtual Workshops to schools out of the area which run live from the Cathedral. Allowing students to engage with the building, its purpose and its history in an entertaining, interactive way. Lasting approximately 45 minutes and using a variety of artefacts, costume and resources, the 2 workshops currently on offer are: History: Meet a Roman Soldier and RE: What do Christians believe? Guided Cathedral tour.

Subject Links & Key Stage Suitability.

KS2, KS3

English, History, Religious Studies

Anglo-Saxons, Medieval, Middle Ages, Poetry, Romans, Tudors, Victorians

St Albans Cathedral Virtual School Trip Ideas.

St Albans Cathedral is currently closed for educational visits but has created a range of virtual school trips so you can still access the best of their educational offering.

The cathedral has a range of virtual sessions, educational videos and virtual educational workshops.

All to help you bring your next school trip into the classroom and still access the best of what St Albans Cathedral has to offer.