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Thunder Road

Everything you need to know about Thunder Road's educational offering. Including workshops & school trip information.


What we love

A multi-award winning theatre company from Yorkshire
Specialising in original horror shows with multimedia & illusion
Running horror workshops all year round
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About Thunder Road

Based in Yorkshire, Thunder Road is a multi-award winning theatre company who specialise in unique horror shows with multimedia and illusion.

Thunder Road work with students, schools and young people across the UK to deliver specialist workshops and teaching resources inspired by horror theatre and their touring production, Shock Horror.

Led by professional experienced artists, they work closely with young people to share their knowledge about creating suspense, puppetry, and devising new horror stories for the stage and screen. Their workshops offer immersive, hands-on learning experiences to ignite creativity and spark curiosity.

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Workshops & add-ons

At Venue

Discover this Shock Horror workshop from Thunder Road Theatre for an immersive hands-on learning experience to ignite creativity and spark curiosity.

KS4, KS5, Higher