Latest Government Guidance on School Trips, Residential Trips & Educational Visits

By Tom Sanderson
Last updated: February 2021
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Unfortunately, schools are still unable to take a school trip, residential trip or educational visit. However, that doesn't mean we still can't take advantage of local outside areas and the best that school trip venues have to offer.

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The latest government advice on taking school trips

  • Day School Trips to Museums, Galleries, Attractions & Theatres ✘
  • Visits to outside educational sites such as Rivers, Lakes & Woods ✘*
  • Domestic Overnight Residential Trips ✘
  • International School Trips ✘

*Off-Site School Trips to Rivers, Lakes, Woods and other outside areas are currently not encouraged under the guidelines from the Department for Education.

However, you may be able to visit local natural areas as part of outside learning and Forest School provisions.

For the latest advice in your area, please speak to your local educational authority.

Read the full advice from the DfE on taking school trips (page 50).

You can also find the latest advice from National Guidance. 

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Booking a COVID-secure school trip for the future

As restrictions ease, many school trip venues and educational visit sites will start to reopen.

The Department for Education has not yet given the green light on booking a school trip, however, many teachers are starting to look towards the summer term to see if school trips will be available.

This subject was raised by Tim Farron MP to the Prime Minister on the 23rd February. However, the sector is still waiting for a response and confirmation of this from the DfE.

In the meantime, The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (CLOtC) is a great place to find out the latest information. The CLOtC are champions of promoting learning outside the classroom and support schools all across the country.

Their national accreditation badge is given to venues that recognise effective risk management and quality of education. There are 100s of accredited providers across the UK including museums, visitor attractions, parks, farms and activity centres – and it’s recommended by the Department for Education.

You’ll also find all the latest information, guidelines and more to help you plan.

Find out more about the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

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Bringing school trips into the classroom

Traditional, off-site school trips are not currently possible, however, we’ve been lucky that arts & cultural venues across the country have created innovative new virtual school trip ideas that you can beam directly into your classroom!

To help you find the best virtual session, we’ve added a new Virtual School Trip Ideas section to the site.

Here we’ll feature all the things you can do to bring school trips into the classroom. We include everything from online exhibitions and online performances to virtual tours and virtual sessions.

See all of our Virtual School Trip Ideas.

Read our complete guide to 50+ Virtual School Trip Ideas you can do for free!

Our Teaching Resource Library also includes hundreds of education packs, worksheets, educational videos, educational games and more – all of which you can download and use for FREE!

They’re a brilliant way to still connect with museums, galleries, attractions and theatres to find fun teaching ideas and activities.

Our resource library is split by subject and Key Stage, plus you can also search for a particular topic. And if there’s something particular you’re looking for – do get in touch!

See our Free Teaching Resource Library.

Get your list of personalised ideas.


School trips to museums, galleries and attractions are still no longer possible.

However, for those still looking to bring their learning to life, there are still loads of options to help you bring school trips into the classroom.

Do take a look at our Free Teaching Resource Library and our new Virtual School Trip Ideas section to find some great alternative options.

If you’re looking for something in particular, please do get in touch – we’re here to help! We can help you find suitable trips, virtual sessions and resources based on specific subjects, topics and more. You can email us at any time or get in touch through our online form.

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