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Acclaimed theatre company, Les Enfants Terribles, launches new guides, templates, resources and motivational images to encourage your students’ GCSE & A-Level Drama revision.

All the new resources are hosted on their free teaching resource platform – The Curiosity Index. The resource hub includes hundreds of images, set designs, videos, scripts, design drawings and more that you can use in the classroom for free.

Below is a flavour of what’s available. Also, head to The Curiosity Index to find everything they have to offer.

How do you access the resources?

You can access all the below content for free, without having to create a login.

However, if you haven’t already, we highly recommend signing up to The Curiosity Index so you can have access all their content in the future.

It’s quick and free for you and your students to sign up. You’ll then have access to all their resources, images, guides, videos and other educational content.

Sign up to The Curiosity Index.

All Students 1

Daily Revision Reminders To Motivate Your Students

Download and use Les Enfants Terribles’ daily reminders to motivate your students’ revision. You’ll find three for your GCSE students, three for your A-Level students and then three more for all students.

You can download each one as an image or copy & paste the text in the blog.

See all the Revision Reminders.

Technical Design

Revision Guides & Templates

Use these downloadable, editable PDFs to help with your students’ Drama revision.

Each guide is focused on a different area including Technical Design, Performance and Character.

Each one then includes vocabulary and drama terminology, plus space to make notes about each area and it’s contextual justification in a piece.

You can view all the guides below by clicking each link.

Please note – each of these are open for a limited time. To make sure you always have access to these, sign up for to The Curiosity Index – it’s free and quick to do!

Drama Revision Guides: Technical Design (Lighting & Sound)

Drama Revision Guides: Performance

Drama Revision Guides: Costume Design, Makeup & Hair

GCSE Drama Revision Guides: Design (Set Design, Lighting, Audio/Visual & Sound)

GCSE Drama Revision Guides: Design (Costume, Makeup & Hair)

GCSE Drama Revision Guides: Character

Day 2

Quotes to Inspire Revision

Keeping your head down and focused can be a real challenge when revising. Use these five quotes to keep your students motivated throughout their revision.

You can download them as digital files or print them out to stick on your walls.

See all the Inspirational Quotes.

Unlock exclusive access to more FREE Drama Teaching Resources by signing up for The Curiosity Index.

Access these FREE Drama Teaching Resources, plus hundreds more, to help unlock your students’ curiosity through the lens of Les Enfants Terribles.

You’ll get exclusive access to:

  • Never seen before images, sketches & designs from the Les Enfants Terribles archives
  • GCSE & A-Level Education Packs with direct links to the Drama Curriculum
  • Educational Videos with Les Enfants Terribles Directors, Writers & Designers
  • News, updates, discounts & invitations to Les Enfants Terribles productions

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