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Bring your students to these amazing, fun and hands-on workshops from the World Museum. From Rock Pool Encounters to We Are Aliens, there are workshops for all from EYFS-KS2 students.

About World Museum

World Museum offers a wide range of activities, workshops and resources for education and community groups.

World Museum is the oldest of the museums and galleries operated by National Museums Liverpool.

It has expanded to become one of the great museums of the British regions, with collections and displays of life sciences, earth sciences and human cultures around the world.

The museum’s planetarium, said to be the first in the UK outside London, opened to the public in 1970.

Today the museum is famous for its great collections, its history of innovation and the family-friendly experience that it offers. In 2010 visits to the museum totalled 748,065 making it one of the most popular and respected museums in the UK.

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World Museum’s Planetarium Workshops

World Museum offers a range of varying workshops to help introduce, engage and excite your students in all things space related.

All their Planetarium workshops are 50 minutes, suitable for SEND students and available for groups of up to either 30 or 32 students.

Capcom Go! Race to the Moon Workshop

This workshop show introduces a new generation to the pioneering work it took to put the first human on the moon, and will inspire students to become the explorers, engineers, designers, scientists and astronauts of the future.

Using engaging modern graphics, archival film clips, photographs and astronauts’ audio transmissions this film shares insights into the immense challenges NASA’s experts overcame by finding innovative ways to put humans on the moon and return them safely to Earth. They will learn about the importance of oxygen, water and gravity to preserve human life. Students will then take part in a mission: to design a spacesuit for their astronaut to wear on missions into space.

Students will also have the opportunity to handle objects from the European Space Agency such as a Sokol spacesuit helmet and a space food pouch.

Suitable for KS2 students.

From just £3.30 per student!

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We are aliens World Museum Main Image

We are Aliens! Workshop

Students will experience the stars in this thrilling planetarium show as they discover how we search for signs of alien life in space. Students will also get hands-on in an astronaut challenge activity.

Students will discover how our existing understanding of life on earth guides the hunt for alien life elsewhere in the Universe. By exploring the unlikely places in which we find life on our own planet, (such as the deep ocean floor or in the Antarctic), scientists can provide clues for finding life in other unexpected places like Mars, Jupiter’s moon’s or other exo-planets like our own.

Students will also have the opportunity to handle objects such as a Sokol flying suit and helmet.

Suitable for KS2 students.

From juts £3.10 per student!

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Two small pieces of glass World Museum Main Image 1

Two Small Pieces of Glass Workshop

Students will experience the stars in this exciting planetarium show as they learn about telescopes, how they work and how important they have been in unraveling these mysteries. Then students will get hands-on in an astronaut challenge activity.

In this World Museum workshop students will learn how we can see events from millions of years ago today and how looking back in time helps us work out why the universe is the way it is and what the future of the universe may look like.

Students will also gain insight into how observatories use telescopes to explore deep space and expand our understanding of our own place in space.

Suitable for KS2 students.

From just £3.10 per student!

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The Little Star That Could Workshop

Come and meet the World Museums’ friendly little star who will lead you on a journey through their spectacular solar system. Together your students will investigate how new stars are formed, discover fascinating facts about different types of stars and learn about the mysterious planets near to Earth.

This workshop will take place in their wonderful Planetarium, where your class will watch their interactive show, The Little Star That Could. This is a fun animated journey exploring our solar system, telling the story of a newly-formed star and learning about other types of stars.

Students will act out what they have learnt by handling their model planets to recreate our solar system. This provides an interactive experience demonstrating the order of the planets in our solar system, explaining why life is possible on earth and what causes night and day.

This workshop explains some of the basic scientific facts of our home planet and aims to inspire students’ imagination to further explore our universe.

Suitable for KS1 students.

From just £3.10 per student!

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Life in a rock pool World Museum Main Image

World Museum’s Aquarium Workshops

Your students can get up close with hermit crabs, starfish and brightly-coloured wrasse from Liverpool’s Irish Sea coast. Pop your head in their viewing bubbles to see their terrapins immersed in the water. They’re rescue pets and love to see a friendly face. 

With new projections you can learn about conservation efforts to protect our seas, discover where animals live and even what you might find rock-pooling locally and across the UK. 

Seaside Story Time Workshop

Early years group can explore the natural world in this interactive workshop delivered by a member of the Aquarium team at World Museum.

This workshop has been developed with pre-school aged students in mind.

Your group will explore ideas about the sea and our planet through games, music and storytelling.

This fun and active workshop has lots packed in to keep little learners entertained and involved.

Suitable for EYFS students.

From just £3.30 per student!

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Rock Pool Encounters Workshop

Get up close to some of their rock pool animals in the Aquarium at World Museum!

This workshop will introduce your students to starfish, anemones and crabs. One of their animal care team will talk your class through the amazing adaptations of these creatures as well as highlighting the importance of our oceans and wildlife.

The workshop will be geared to the needs of your group with games and activities for younger visitors and more in-depth conversation and detail for older students. Ensure you add details of your class’s age and ability in your booking and they will ensure you get the most out of your animal encounter.

Suitable for KS1-KS2 students.

From just £3.30 per student!

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National Museums Liverpool’s World Museum offer a great selection of workshops to enhance your visit. Their Planetarium and Aquarium workshops are definitely a must.

World Museum also offers other numerous workshops and even have an Ancient Egypt: Marvelous Mummification Virtual Workshop.

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