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With 7 Venues, over 30 Workshops, 4 Virtual Classrooms and 80+ Free Teaching Resources – a school trip to National Museums Liverpool has something for everyone!

Here are 10 reasons why you should plan your next school trip to National Museums Liverpool.

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1. A wide range of workshops

National Museums Liverpool has seven sites offering a wide range of educational opportunities.

Across their venues, there are over 30 workshops to choose from exploring topics from the Titanic and Pirates at the Maritime Museum to Space and Pre-historic Britain at the World Museum – and everything in between!

Explore all of National Museums Liverpool’s Workshops.

2. Affordable prices

National Museums Liverpool’s workshops are accessible with prices from just £2.80 per student!

3. Free Self-Led Visits

We’d always recommend taking one of their brilliantly crafted workshops with their expert facilitators. But if you’re looking to take the school trip at your own pace you can also visit for free with their self-led visits.

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4. Virtual Classrooms

You can bring the school trip to you with National Museums Liverpool’s Virtual Classrooms. This is a brilliant option for schools outside of the North West, or those looking for a follow-up or recap on their recent visit.

There are 4 to choose from, exploring art & wellbeing, Ancient Egypt, the history of Liverpool and the Titanic.

Take a look at all National Museums Liverpool’s Virtual Classrooms.

5. Virtual Tours & Online Collections

As well as their Virtual Classrooms, you can also use their Virtual Tours to explore their sites in school. This is a brilliant way to explore the venue with students before your visit or to give a recap back in the classroom.

Combine this with their ‘Collections’ page to take an in-depth look at their artefacts and artworks again post-visit.

View National Museums Liverpool’s Virtual Tours.

Explore National Museums Liverpool’s Online Collections.

6. Free Teaching Resources

Support learning back in the classroom with National Museums Liverpool’s free teaching resources. You and your students can explore key themes and topics within their museums and art galleries in more depth with free educational videos, resources and more.

Explore all of National Museums Liverpool’s Free Teaching Resources.

7. Visits for groups and individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or inclusive access requirements

National Museums Liverpool wants everybody to feel welcome when they visit one of their museums or art galleries.

As well as holding relaxed events for the public, the team at National Museums Liverpool host inclusive school sessions and workshops which can be adapted to support students with SEND.

Visual stories on the National Museums Liverpool website help guide you and your group through each venue and include contact details for you to discuss your group’s needs with the team.

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Autism-friendly visits.

8. Risk Assessments for all their venues

National Museums Liverpool has Risk Assessments and in-depth information about all their venues. All to help your planning process and to take the stress out of taking your trip.

View National Museums Liverpool’s Risk Assessments.

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9. Direct links to the National Curriculum

All their workshops, virtual classrooms and free teaching resources link directly to the National Curriculum with clear subject and topic links.

10. A friendly, helpful team to help you plan and book

National Museums Liverpool’s friendly team of education experts are there to answer your questions and to help you plan your school trip.

Find out more on National Museums Liverpool’s Planning a Trip page.

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With 7 sites, over 30 workshops and 4 virtual classrooms, National Museums Liverpool makes a great school trip destination.

You can also support the trip back in the classroom with their free teaching resources, online collection and virtual tours.

Find out more about all their educational offering in the links below.

Take a look at National Museums Liverpool’s Learn page.

See all of National Museums Liverpool’s Workshops.

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Virtual Classrooms.

Explore National Museums Liverpool’s Free Teaching Resources.


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