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David Livingstone Birthplace’s Fishy Study Resource

Download this free teaching resource from David Livingstone Birthplace to learn more about overfishing and de-population due to habitat destruction.

Suitable for: KS2, KS3

Subjects: Biology, History, Science


Learn more about overfishing.

As a young boy, David Livingstone enjoyed fishing in the River Clyde. Later in life, when he became an explorer, David made detailed scientific notes and drawings of the aquatic scenes of rivers, plants and animals. Part of this work involved catching fish and studying them in detail.

These days, many fish are in danger of depopulation due to habitat destruction, overfishing and the introduction of alien species to their waters. In Scotland, certain fish are protected by law, so we can keep their numbers high and avoid over-fishing them or disturbing their homes.

Have you ever been fishing in your local river? What kind of fish do you think might live there?


Suitable for: KS2, KS3

Subjects: Biology, History, Science

Topics: Animals, Living Things & Habitats, Conservation

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About David Livingstone Birthplace.

The David Livingstone Trust (DLT) includes the Listed Building of his birth, surrounding parkland, and the 2,000 piece David Livingstone collection.

David Livingstone’s Birthplace is a dynamic visitor experience where people can learn about and be inspired by Livingstone’s story, his childhood home and their collection.

Today they continue Livingstone’s mission by enabling people from Scotland, Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond to engage in intercultural dialogue and participate in the world as active global citizens.