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Free Drama Teaching Resources from Les Enfants Terribles.

Les Enfants Terribles have opened up their archives and released exclusive behind-the-scenes content as a free resource for drama teachers and students.

The site features hundreds of images, sketches, designs, videos and education packs – all curriculum focused and classroom-friendly.

Really excitingly, the site focuses heavily on Elements of Theatre Design – a new focus in the recent Drama curriculums. You’ll have access to set designs, costume sketches, mood boards, puppetry, and lighting designs. All that you can use to inspire your students in the classroom.

The site is super easy to use, with the ability to filter and search for what you’re looking for. It also comes with a useful ‘favourite’ button to ‘save’ useful resources in your profile on the site.

The site also includes teacher-created lesson plans and teaching ideas to inspire planning and lighten your workload.

Key Information.

Suitable for: KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5, Higher

Ages: 7-11, 11-14, 14-16, Post 16

Subjects: Art & Design, Drama, English, Fashion & Textiles

Topics: Careers, Devising, Immersive Theatre, Improvisation, Lighting Design, Live Theatre Review, Performance Skills, Performing Characters, Puppet Design, Puppetry, Rehearsing, Scripted Drama, Set Design, Sound Design, Staging, Storytelling, Theatre Design, Theatre Roles, Understanding Drama & Theatre

Type: Education Pack, Educational Video, Lesson Plan

Use: In the Classroom, Before a School Trip, After a School Trip

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About Les Enfants Terribles.

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Working with students, schools and young people across the UK & abroad, Les Enfants Terribles provide dynamic, educational opportunities to inspire creativity.

Their workshops and free teaching resources provide a deep dive into their style and techniques. Created and led by professional educators and practitioners, they build skills, knowledge and confidence to inspire the next generation of theatre-makers.

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