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Bring history to life by making and performing with puppets!

Unlock your students’ imaginations with these short videos showing you all you need to know to get creating and performing with puppets!

Videos introduce your students to puppetry, how to make their own puppet and how to ‘bring it to life’.

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Suitable for: KS2

Subjects: Art & Design, Design & Technology, Drama, English, History

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About Museum of London.

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Give your pupils a new perspective of London!

The Museum of London collection directly supports the curriculum, including the Romans, Great Fire of London, Victorians, diversity, archaeology, STEM and many more. They have resources and activities for students of all ages, including those from special schools or SEND units and supplementary schools.

In the heart of London’s historic centre and overlooking Roman city wall remains, Museum of London tells the story of London and Londoners from prehistory to the present. Touch a smooth flint axehead and watch the Great Fire of London rage, then take a stroll down a Victorian shopping street before immersing yourself in the swinging sixties. It’s all here!

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