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UK Parliament’s UK Parliament and World War II Video (Primary)

UK Parliament

Watch this free educational video from the UK Parliament to learn more about World War II.

Suitable for: KS1, KS2

Subjects: History


Learn more about the World War II.

This educational video and accompanying resource pack explores the role of UK Parliament in WWII.

Students will learn about some of the laws passed during World War II, including the rationing of food and the evacuation of children from cities when the bombs began to fall. They will learn that Parliament was bombed during the Blitz and that the House of Commons Chamber was completely destroyed. They will also find out about some of the important laws that were passed after the war to help rebuild Britain, one of which was the National Health Service Act which created the NHS.


Suitable for: KS1, KS2

Subjects: History

Topics: N/A

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