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Run Up at The O2!

This free teaching resource from Up at The O2 lets your students discover the business elements behind running the attraction. Your students will consider the product, pricing, market research and operations.

This resource can be used during a school trip to Up at The O2, or in the classroom as a pre or post-visit activity.

Key Information.

Suitable for: KS4

Ages: 14-16

Subjects: Business

Topics: Business in the real world, Business operations, Marketing, Finance

Type: Worksheet

Use: In the Classroom, Before a School Trip, During a School Trip, After a School Trip

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About Up at The O2.

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Step out of the classroom and get ready to climb over the roof of a world-famous venue, The O2.

Up at The O2 is a 90-minute experience your students won’t forget. Zip up your climb jacket. Pull on your boots. Hook up your harness. Then make your way up the south face of one of the most striking buildings in London’s skyline.

Leading the way will be one of their friendly climb guides. Their newly launched education programme meets the national curriculum objectives.

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