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Everything you need to know about The Curiosity Index – the Drama Resource Hub from the award-winning theatre company Les Enfants Terribles.

Overview of The Curiosity Index

  • A completely FREE resource site for teachers and students. 
  • Over 300 resources in one place, including videos, images, sketches, mood boards, interviews, marketing materials and script excerpts.
  • Updated monthly with new interviews, lesson plans and educational videos. Plus exclusive access to assets from all their new shows as they develop them.
  • Easy to filter by show, type of resource, discipline, key stage or assessment outcome.

Unlock all the free resources on The Curiosity Index.

Find out more about Les Enfants Terribles’ Educational Offering.

The Curiosity Index by Les Enfants Terribles logo

About The Curiosity Index

Les Enfants Terribles have opened up their archives and released exclusive behind-the-scenes content as a free resource for drama teachers and students.

The site features hundreds of images, sketches, designs, videos and education packs – all curriculum focused and classroom-friendly.

Really excitingly, the site focuses heavily on Elements of Theatre Design – a new focus in the recent Drama curriculums. You’ll have access to set designs, costume sketches, mood boards, puppetry, and lighting designs. All that you can use to inspire your students in the classroom.

The site is super easy to use, with the ability to filter and search for what you’re looking for. It also comes with a useful ‘favourite’ button to ‘save’ useful resources in your profile on the site.

The site also includes teacher-created lesson plans and teaching ideas to inspire planning and lighten your workload.

“I’m so excited to be launching The Curiosity Index. The last few years have really shown us how powerful online resources can be and how much they can enhance live theatrical work – particularly from an access point of view.

We want to create a fountain of inspiration that is accessible to absolutely everyone. A way of exploring and examining every element of the creative process as well as bringing together 20 years of Les Enfants Terribles’ history into one place.

We have always seen the theatre we make as a shared experience – The Curiosity Index allows us to deepen that conversation in a really exciting and meaningful way.”

Oliver Lansley, Artistic Director of Les Enfants Terribles

Production shot from Alice's Adventures Underground by Les Enfants Terribles

About Les Enfants Terribles

Les Enfants Terribles is dedicated to creating original and engaging theatre that puts the audience at the centre of the story. Known for their striking visual aesthetic and innovative use of props, puppetry, and live music, they explore unique ways of telling stories and immersing audiences in new weird and wonderful worlds.

Founded 20 years ago by Oliver Lansley, the company has received consistent critical acclaim and renowned industry awards, establishing a large and loyal following since its inception in 2002. They’ve produced multiple award-winning shows including ‘The Trench’ and ‘The Terrible Infants’, as well as ground–breaking immersive productions such as ‘United Queendom’, ‘Inside Pussy Riot’ and the Olivier-nominated’ Alice’s Adventures Underground’, which transferred to China in 2018 for a two-year run.

Les Enfants Terribles is proud to have performed to thousands of people all over the world including Poland, the Czech Republic, UAE, Norway, Singapore and Australia, as well as building a vast and engaged rural touring audience in the UK and continue to create theatrical experiences that can be enjoyed by everyone, all around the world.

This new site launches alongside their brand new stage show, The House with Chicken Legs with making-of content from the show, including mood boards, interviews with the creatives, script extracts and more.

The Les Enfants Terribles education and outreach team is committed to providing multifaceted and dynamic, clear, creative, and joyous material. The Curiosity Index builds upon its mission and current work with schools across the UK and abroad to open up their unique style and techniques to inspire more young people.

Find out more about Les Enfants Terribles’ Educational Offering.

How to sign up

The Curiosity Index is free for all teachers and students across the country. You can sign up at the link below to get immediate access and unlock all their resources.

Unlock all the free resources on The Curiosity Index.

The Curiosity Index image by Les Enfants Terribles


The Curiosity Index is an exciting new resource hub from Les Enfants Terribles with hundreds of teaching resources and over 20 years of exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Sign up to The Curiosity Index.

Find out more about Les Enfants Terribles’ Educational Offering.


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