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From virtual to in person, from Storytelling of the Greeks to the Art of Wellbeing, the Walker Art Gallery offer a variety of museum-led workshops for key stage 1-2 students. These workshops will bring learning to life and inspire the imaginations of your students by engaging them in activities based on real artefacts and objects.

Overview of the Walker Art Gallery Workshops

Using feedback from teachers, the Walker Art Gallery has designed curriculum-linked virtual and at venue workshops for Key Stages 1-2.

The Walker Art Gallery’s virtual classrooms are delivered via Microsoft Teams and last 50 minutes each, with capacity for up to 32 students.

The Walker Art Gallery’s at venue workshops are museum led and last up to 60 minutes each, with capacity for up to 30/32 students.

Walker Art Gallery’s Virtual Workshop

The art of wellbeing Walker Art Gallery Main Image 2

The Art of Wellbeing

Are you looking for a session that supports your students’ wellbeing and encourages creativity? Walker Art Gallery’s Art of Wellbeing workshop has been designed to provide a safe and fun environment to introduce students to mental wellbeing and self-care.

Walker Art Gallery use artworks from their collection as inspiration and provide a space to discuss emotions, mental health and the positive effect that working creatively can have. They use a blend of creative activities and practical exercises to give students the opportunity to create something they are proud of and learn transferable relaxation skills.

Their aim is to encourage students to take their first step in creating a self-care toolkit in an inspiring, creative session which can be continued at school with their pre and post-session activities.

Suitable for: KS1, KS2
Subjects: Art & Design, Citizenship, English, PSHE

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Art of Wellbeing Virtual Workshop.

Walker Art Gallery’s at Venue Workshops

Storytelling with the Greeks Walker Art Gallery Main Image 2

Storytelling with the Greeks

A fun and unique workshop from the Walker Art Gallery for students to enhance their creativity and storytelling skills.

This Walker Art Gallery workshop is the perfect way to enhance an Ancient Greek topic or a literacy topic on storytelling, myths, and legends.

Students will dive into the details of Charles Le Brun’s epic painting ‘Atalanta and Meleager,’ unlocking the story behind it before having an opportunity to create their own ending.

This cross-curricular workshop is built around student interaction; they will discuss characters’ emotional responses, infer aspects of the story, and students will have an opportunity to present their ideas to the class.

Suitable for: KS2
Subjects: Art & Design, English, History

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Storytelling with the Greeks Workshop.

Draw to explore at the Walker Art Gallery KS2 Walker Art Gallery Main Image 1

Draw to Explore KS1 & KS2

A creative and interactive workshop from the Walker Art Gallery for students to explore their own artistic journey.

This Walker Art Gallery workshop focuses on developing practical resources and skills, empowering students to take the next step on their artistic journey.

This workshop is built around students’ responses to art, both verbally and through fun, practical drawing exercises exploring mark making, tone and light/dark. There will be discussions and students will be encouraged to explore the artwork for themselves. During these discussions, the students will learn more about the roles of artists and the purpose of art.

The workshop finishes by giving students an opportunity to complete an observational drawing and reflect critically on their work, a key component in successful art development.

Suitable for: KS1 & KS2
Subjects: Art & Design, English

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Draw to Explore KS1 Workshop.

Find out more about National Museums Liverpool’s Draw to Explore KS2 Workshop.

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