Explore Ancient Greece!

This virtual classroom guides your class through the mythology of the Ancient Greeks, explaining some of the family feuds and marvellous magic that has bound these tales together for more than 2000 years. Discover the art of oral storytelling and find out how the images and iconography of ancient religion and mythology have carried through to influence us today.

In this virtual classroom, students will be introduced to the principal gods, goddesses and heroes of Greek legend. They will discover that much like humans today they had fierce family feuds, travelled abroad on bold adventures, and celebrated their successes with big parties! Students will also discover some of the great Greek heroes that battled with fearsome monsters and composite creatures

Key topics explored in this virtual classroom are:

  • Olympian Gods – discover who the Olympian gods were, what their individual attributes were and what role they played within ancient Greek society.
  • Perseus and Medusa – learn about ancient theatrical techniques with the whole class cooperating to explore this famous legend. Followed by a game bringing this terrifying monster to life to learn why she was so feared and evil.

The virtual classroom will end with a fun pop quiz based on the museum’s handling collection and ancient Greek artefacts, allowing students to work collaboratively in teams in a race against the clock.

This workshop is accompanied by a pre-workshop lesson plan and post-workshop follow up activities to consolidate students’ learning on the subject matter covered.


Suitable for: KS2

Subjects: English, History, PSHE

Price: £90 (per session)

Duration: 50 minutes

Min. Students: N/A

Max. Students: 32

Platform: Microsoft Teams

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