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Discover how the Horniman uses object-based learning and enquiry led approaches to facilitate a huge range of learning audiences.

Try out techniques yourself using their objects, and explore their incredible Hands on Base. This workshop is particularly suitable for HE or CPD groups studying learning or museums, but can be tailored to your topic – please contact them to discuss.

Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to simply describe the history of the Horniman Museum and Gardens
Students will be able to describe the Horniman’s approach to learning
Students will understand how enquiry-based learning methods can be applied with a range of programmes and audiences

Key info

Suitable for: KS5, Higher

Age Groups: Post 16

Subjects: History, Science

Topics: Business operations, Human & Physical Geography, Research skills, Storytelling, Team Building

Type: At Venue

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: From £2.41 per student (£72.50 per session, excluding VAT)

Dates: Ongoing

Max. Group Size: 30

SEND: Yes - suitable for students with SEND

We regularly check that the costs and information are the latest and most up-to-date. However, please contact us directly if you need any further information or have a particular question. Unless specified otherwise, all prices include VAT.

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