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Go on a journey around the world as you explore the science of sound whilst playing traditional instruments from West Africa, northern India and Trinidad in this exciting hands-on workshop.

Discover why squeezing the strings of a West African talking drum changes its pitch; learn to speak and play Indian bols on traditional drums; and consider why some Trinidadian instruments are made of unusual materials.

In this workshop, your class will follow a conductor to learn and perform rhythms from each of the three world regions both in small groups and with the rest of the class. The workshop culminates in a whole class performance of a Trinidadian Calypso.

The Horniman Museum and Gardens is the perfect place to explore your topic further. Visit their Music Gallery, explore the materials used to make musical instruments in their gardens and Natural History Gallery, and visit the World Gallery to discover how music is used around the world.

Key Information.

Suitable for: KS2

Ages: 7-11

Subjects: Citizenship, Music, Science, Anthropology

Topics: Africa, Rhythm, Rhythms of the World, Songs & Rhymes, Team Building, Music, India, Instruments

Type: At Venue

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: From £2.41 per student (£72.50 per session, excluding VAT)

Dates: Ongoing

Max. Students: 30

SEND: Yes - suitable for students with SEND

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About Horniman Museum and Gardens.

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The Horniman connects us all with global cultures and the natural environment, encouraging us to shape a positive future for the world we all share.

Learn about their world-class collections and discover information about world cultures, music, different species and the natural environment we all share.

There is more that unites us than divides us, and this can clearly be seen when looking at the 350,000 or so objects in the Horniman collections.

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