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Join the Guildhall team to learn about Coventry’s fascinating history. This workshop shares stories of the 700 years of the Guildhall’s history and how this relates to Coventry. Students will discover the story of Lady Godiva, using historical evidence and primary sources to draw conclusions, they will also learn about visitors to the hall such as King James I and authors such as Geroge Eliot. Students will design their own banqueting menu with a quill. You will also learn about the textile trade in Coventry and have a go at ribbon weaving, wool carding and winding.

Key Information.

Suitable for: KS1, KS2, KS3

Ages: 5-7, 7-11, 11-14

Subjects: History

Topics: Archaeology, Architecture, Local History, Storytelling, Team Building, Tudors, Victorians, Civil War, Lady Godiva

Type: At Venue

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: Tickets just £5 per student

Dates: Ongoing

SEND: Yes - suitable for students with SEND

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About St Mary’s Guildhall.

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St Mary’s Guildhall is one of the finest Guildhall’s in the country, a rare survivor of the English Civil War and the Blitz. With its rich history of partying, power and propaganda, the Guildhall has acted as the centre of power in England during the War of the Roses, housed the crowns jewels, been the
prison of Mary Queen of Scots and hosted famous literary figures such as George Eliot. It is home to the newly unveiled medieval kitchen and the famous Coventry Tapestry.

St Mary’s Guildhall offers a variety of primary age focused workshops, designed to inspire historical enquiry, ignite imaginations and engage learners. The Guildhall is based in the heart of Coventry’s medieval quarter, next to the Cathedral ruins and is an ideal place to learn out history.

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