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Join Take Me To London for a lovely day trip and discover the historic city of Canterbury!

Explore the cradle of Christianity, the place of Thomas Becket’s martyrdom and birthplace of Christopher Marlowe and walk the Bertha trail that links together Canterbury’s three World Heritage Sites: Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church or opt for a shorter guided tour in the Centre of Canterbury and visit the Cathedral.

KS1 History: Significant historical events, people and places in the locality.

KS2 History: A local history study. Britain’s Settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots, Christian conversion. Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor. A study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066.

KS2 Religious Studies: Religion in daily life. Why an abbey was built on the site and who lived there.

KS3 History: A local history study. The development of church, state and society in Medieval Britain 1066-1509 and in Britain 1509-1745. A study of an aspect or theme in British history that consolidates and extends pupils’ chronological knowledge from before 1066.

To enquire or book please email ildi.pelikan@takemetolondon.com referencing ‘The School Trip’ to get exclusive school rates.

Key info

Suitable for: KS1, KS2, KS3

Age Groups: 5-7, 7-11, 11-14

Subjects: English, History, Religious Studies

Topics: Anglo-Saxons, Architecture, Christianity, History Around Us, Local History, Medieval, Storytelling, Vikings

Type: At Venue

Duration: Full Day

Cost: From £294 per class

Dates: Ongoing

SEND: Yes - suitable for students with SEND

We regularly check that the costs and information are the latest and most up-to-date. However, please contact us directly if you need any further information or have a particular question. Unless specified otherwise, all prices include VAT.

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