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Box House Theatre are bringing their Twisted Tales show to Brighton Fringe this May plus they offer educational performance packages including curriculum linked workshops.

About Box House Theatre

Box House Theatre are currently the only company in the world professionally practicing Platform Theatre.

Box House Theatre are a professional theatre company who specialise in the performance practice of Platform Theatre. Our aim is to create theatre that utilises the physical actors’ skills and attributes rather than relying on the assistance of technical elements.

They stand as proof that impressive theatre should not be restricted to budgets, resources and opportunity, and that “boundary pushing theatre” is born from imagination and creativity alone.

They believe there is much to learn through their approach to theatre and aim to further establish themselves within the theatre industry and drama education sector to bring new and innovative ways of theatre creation.

Their style is not for one, but for all.

Alongside our professional theatre productions, Box House Theatre also extend to drama education and institutions through our workshops. We provide the tools and techniques to develop the creative independence of young theatre makers by extracting our knowledge and expertise from our professional theatre creations.

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About their show Twisted Tales

Experience the most unique form of theatre. Six actors… One platform.

A group of thespians stumble upon an ominous book filled with grisly and gory tales. Will the thespians be bound to act as the book’s puppets? Destined for a life or performing, but never truly free…

Twisted Tales is a professional Platform Theatre piece which includes four anthology folk tales which all conclude with a twist.

Twisted Tales is a “visually stunning” Platform Theatre piece created by Box House Theatre Company. A cast of six actors are confined to the space of a gym mat whilst having no assistance from props, set, costumes, and sound to tell their stories. With moments that will make you laugh and cry, our series of choreographed movements will transport you from the cosy fireplace hearth of a woodland cottage to the violent battle of Wessex within seconds.

“An absolutely brilliant performance that brought not only entertained staff
and students alike, but that also gave our drama & theatre students some excellent insight into how to devise drama well.”

St Margaret’s School

Box House Theatre’s Workshops

Platform Theatre is on of the most unique styles of theatre around the globe. This style takes physical theatre to the next level where the actors not only play characters, but also become the set, props, costumes and everything else in-between, all whilst being confined to a small space that is a gym mat.

Your students will be introduced to the fundamentals of this theatre style and have the opportunity to devise their very own platform theatre piece combining the techniques of physical theatre, mine and the role of voice to create a piece that is truly unique.

Your students will be provided with an insight into how platform theatre can be utilised for minimal budget performances by using body and voice to symbolise physical elements such as props, set, costume and sound effects.

Curriculum learning points:

  • An understanding of how to create great theatre without any use of budget of resources
  • Transferable tools and skills to use within other areas of performance and devising
  • A developed understanding of physicality and voice and how this is used within performance
  • Practical exploration of ensemble based theatre creation
  • A developed understanding of using body and voice to create elements of theatre
  • An introduction to the platform theatre fundamentals and how this is used within creating theatre

This workshop will be led by two award-winning platform theatre actors and directors of the UK touring peice Twisted Tales. Collecting a total of 12 awards including best original piece, best actor, best actress, best ensemble and best director.

Their Packages

Half Day – £695.00

A Half day visit with Box House Theatre company includes:

  • A maximum of X1 50-minute performances of the professional Platform Theatre
    piece; Twisted Tales. (no audience limit)
  • Post Production Q&A with The cast.
  • Follow up 70-minute Devising Platform Theatre workshop; One group of 50
    students or two groups of 35 running simultaneously.
  • Additional follow-up resources on selected workshop.
  • Follow-up zoom/teams meeting with students or teachers.

Full Day – £950.00

A full day visit with Box House Theatre company includes:

  • A maximum of X2 50-minute performances of the professional Platform Theatre
    piece; Twisted Tales. (no audience limit)
  • Post Production Q&A with The cast.
  • A maximum of 4-hours worth of Box House Theatre’s exclusive workshops. (including devising platform theatre, naturalistic theatre, abstract theatre, etc).
  • Additional follow-up resources on selected workshop.
  • Follow-up zoom/teams meeting with students or teachers.#

At present, Box House Theatre are organising their UK tour based on the expressed interest provided in your surrounding area.

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“Box House provided us with a brilliant day of inspiring ideas. Year 10 are now much more confident with their devising process and Year 8/9 were buzzing from the whole experience.”

Abbeyfield School

“It was the best drama workshop I’ve ever participated in”.

Year 9 student

“We have just had a great and informative workshop with Box House. My Year 12 students loved every minute of the workshop. Box House left them feeling inspired and motivated to start their practical exam”.

Great Marlow School

“Box House provided us with an engaging and informative workshop on platform theatre. The students were absorbed throughout the 5 hours and produced excellent final performances. I will definitely be booking Box House again.”

The Westgate School

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