British Airways i360 Home School Challenge

By Tom Sanderson
Last updated: March 2020
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Keep the kids entertained with the British Airways i360 Home School Challenge.

Each week BAi360 will be sharing, fun and educational activities, challenges and competitions for kids to do at home. The challenges are created to both entertain and educate children and will be hosted on their social media channels.

The ‘Home School Challenge’ accompanies their free, downloadable resources, worksheets and Activity Workbook. These free teaching resources have been developed especially for KS1 and KS2, covering a wide range of subjects from Maths and Science to Geography and Art & Design.

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So keep your old cardboard boxes, tin cans, scrap paper and fruit cartons to hand and get ready to get creative with the BAi360 ‘Home School Challenge’!

You can stay up to date with new challenges on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

See all of British Airways i360’s free teaching resources, worksheets & teaching ideas.

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