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Here’s everything you need to know about KidZania London’s education and schools offering.

As well as a fantastic education programme on-site, KidZania provides an extensive range of accompanying free teaching resources, activities and lesson plans. And for those schools that are currently unable to take school trips, their new workshops bring a KidZania school trip into the classroom.

KidZania’s Education Offering – The Overview 

KidZania provides:

  • Fun Activities
  • In-School Workshops
  • Lesson Plans
  • School trips with an on-site educational programme
  • Teaching Resources

Suitable for:  KS1, KS2 & KS3

Subject links: Art & Design, Citizenship, Computing, English, Maths & PSHE

KidZania School Trip Photograph

Taking a school trip to KidZania London

KidZania London is the perfect destination for children in Key Stages 1, 2 & 3. They provide experiential learning through play in a fully immersive indoor city with a wide range of activities that support the national curriculum, as well as encouraging careers education and financial literacy.

KidZania believes in ‘learning by doing’ and encourages kids to role-play to become a pilot, a fashion designer, a vet or a window cleaner. All whilst inspiring the development of important skills such as critical thinking, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, teamwork and much more.

As the only KidZania in the UK, they pride themselves on the amount of experiential learning on offer to children. In their 4-hour visit, students can independently explore future careers, work on key skills or just enjoy educational playtime by taking part in a huge range of activities.

Whatever they choose, your students can enjoy a full learning experience as they work, earn and play in a safe and controlled environment.

KidZania represents experiential learning at its very best and helps bring learning to life in a fun and safe environment with activities that support STEM learning, English, Maths, Careers and Aspirations, Science and much more!

Careers Learning at KidZania

In a city run by kids, everyone gets involved in keeping it running! As they enter the city, your students will visit the job centre and decide which of their numerous careers they want to try out.

They can choose from being a window cleaner, a vet, a radio presenter or even a pilot. With kidZo salaries or training fees advertised beside the job board, students can independently choose which careers they want to learn more about and decide how to best earn and spend their valued money.

This makes KidZania the perfect learning environment for assisting careers exploration lessons, helping you tick off their Gatsby Benchmarks requirements and allowing for discussion of popular PSHE topics including citizenship, independence and environmental awareness.

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How to book your school trip to KidZania

You can book your school trip to KidZania through their Schools Booking Form. A member of their dedicated school’s team will then be in touch to confirm your booking and discuss the options for your trip.

Here you can also add on extras such as a packed lunch, ice creams and photographs to complete your day.

Their pre-visit page then includes everything you may need to take a successful school trip to KidZania. Here you’ll find risk assessments and coach parking details. They also have a dedicated page with information for children with SEND.

Book your KidZania School Trip using their Schools Booking Form.

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KidZania’s new In-School Workshops

If you’re unable to currently visit KidZania, then their new workshops will bring the school trip to your classroom.

Their workshops are the newest addition to their extensive educational programme. The two new workshops are created especially for students in Key Stages 1-3 can be added to a booking offering pre-visit support and context to your future educational visit to KidZania London.

Both workshops last up to one hour but can be scaled up or down to suit the timetabled day. A member of the Education Team from KidZania will conduct the workshops either in your own classroom or during their visit. 

All resources and collateral needed for the workshops including PowerPoint slides and worksheets are supplied. Your students will also receive certificates celebrating their achievements during the session.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: You can book a KidZania workshop for FREE (see below for details).

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? KidZania’s new Literacy workshop

Students will explore their future career aspirations and what qualities are required for their dream job whilst they work towards building their very own CV!

KidZania’s Education Team will work with your students to help them build upon their reading and writing skills whilst engaging them in discussing what a CV is for and how to write for the job of their dreams.

Utilising their spoken and written vocabulary, your students will focus on self-reflection, goal setting and their ambitions for the future. As well as building excitement for their future KidZania school trip where they can try out some of the careers for themselves.

Find out more about KidZania’s Literacy workshop.

IT ALL ADDS UP… KidZania’s new Numeracy workshop

Your students will use their imaginations to create their own shop, including its inventory and name. As well as deciding on its number of employees and how much of a loan is needed from KidZania’s National Bank to support their new business venture. Mathematical skills are key in this workshop as your students navigate loans, repayments and profit and losses.

KidZania’s education team will help students flex their mathematical skills including multiplication, ratio and percentages. Not only does this workshop compliment skills needed when earning and spending kidZos in the city, but allows discussion around PSHE topics including money, wealth and the economy.

Find out more about KidZania’s Numeracy workshop.

Limited time offer – FREE workshops with your KidZania booking

If you book a KidZania school trip and pay your deposit by the 31st October 2020, you can guarantee your school £10.00 tickets and a FREE workshop will be added to your booking!

For more information, please email the KidZania Education Team or see their T&Cs.

How to book one of KidZania’s workshops

The workshops can be booked in addition to your school trip to KidZania for only £2 per child.

To book your workshop, email the KidZania education team or complete their online booking form.

For more information, please see their workshop page. You can also find out about their new health & safety measures for school visits.

Find out more about KidZania’s workshops.

Email the KidZania Education Team.

Book a KidZania workshop using their online form.  

KidZania Investigations Personality Analysis Packs

Free KidZania Teaching Resources & Activities

KidZania has a wealth of lesson plans, presentations, activities and other teaching resources that you can download and use for free.

Their teaching resources can be used independently or as a brilliant addition to a KidZania school trip. They have dedicated lesson plans and presentations for KS1, KS2 & KS3 that you can use pre and post-visit to make the most out of your educational visit and bring learning back into the classroom.

Their worksheets offer fun, but educational, activities and even includes a KidZania board game.

All their resources are free to download and use. They also all link directly to the national curriculum so you can bring your KidZania school trip back into the classroom.

See all of the Free KidZania Teaching Resources.

Take a look at their #KidZaniaAtHome Activity Packs.

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KidZania Education Hub

KidZania has launched a new education hub packed with discussions, articles and advice from educational leaders around the world.

They’ve joined forces with the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) who recently launched their Education 2030 project. The new partnership supports the OECD’s mission to create a “new learning ecosystem that offers a broader education” to prepare children for the changing world ahead of them.

By making learning visible, whether as a reporter in the TV Studio or performing surgery on a pet, KidZania encourages children to develop future life skills such as financial literacy, communication, creativity, collaboration and self-knowledge.

Find out more about the KidZania and OECD partnership.

Take a look at KidZania’s new education hub.

KidZania School Trip Photograph


Education and learning is part of everything KidZania does. They offer extensive educational opportunities both on-site with a school trip to KidZania and back in the classroom with their free teaching resources and new in-school workshops.

For more information, see their schools page. Here you can also sign up to their newsletter to stay up to date with all their latest news, updates and activities.

Take a look at KidZania’s Schools Page.

Sign up to KidZania’s Schools Newsletter.

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