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Here’s everything you need to know about The Golden Hinde’s teaching resources, teaching ideas, educational activities, videos and more! All available for free!

The Golden Hinde’s Teaching Resources – The Quick Overview

The Golden Hinde allows your students to live and breathe history on-board their ship and with their free teaching resources. They offer a range of education packs, presentations and videos you can download and use for free. Resources are suitable for all ages and even though focus mainly on History, they also link to a wide range of subjects to support cross-curricular study.

Activities include:

  • Activity Packs
  • Education Packs
  • Educational Videos
  • Teaching Resources

Suitable for: EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 & KS5
Subject links: Art & Design, Drama, English, Geography & History

The Golden Hinde's Teaching Resources Education Programmes

About The Golden Hinde

The Golden Hinde is a full-size reconstruction of Sir Francis Drake’s historic ship. Just like the original which circumnavigated the world in 1577, the reconstruction of The Golden Hinde has sailed the circumference of the earth, and has travelled over 100,000 miles in total.

Now berthed near to Shakespeare’s Globe, The Hinde serves as a Living History Museum and an exciting educational resource for visiting school groups.

Their programmes are all designed to breathe life into history, encouraging students to step back in time and imagine life at sea over four hundred years ago. Written to complement in-class learning and the national curriculum, The Hinde offers a range of workshops, tours and immersive experiences for students of all ages.

Learn more about The Golden Hinde.

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The Golden Hinde’s Teaching Resources

Immerse your students in the history Pirates and Sir Francis Drake with The Golden Hinde’s free teaching resources.

The Hinde offers an in-depth PowerPoint presentation for KS1 & KS2 and a fun, educational activity book for KS1-3. They’ve also created a wealth of educational videos, podcasts and other educational content – suitable for all ages.

See all of The Golden Hinde’s Teaching Resources.

The Golden Hinde Interactive Powerpoint – Early Years

A fun EYFS educational resource for young kids aged 3-5.

Discover sailing ships, meet the diverse crew and have fun with Goldie the deer – The Golden Hinde’s official mascot!
This PowerPoint-based class activity is specially created to complement the national curriculum and is perfect for school or home learning.

Suitable for: EYFS
Subject links: Art & Design, English, Literacy, Maths

View The Golden Hinde’s Early Years Interactive Powerpoint.

The Golden Hinde Interactive Powerpoint – KS1

Learn all about Pirates from the dawn of history to the famous ‘Golden Age’! Meet some of the world’s most infamous buccaneers – and discover for yourself what life was like aboard a pirate ship!

This PowerPoint-based class activity is specially created for Key Stage 1 to complement the national curriculum and is perfect for school or home learning.

Suitable for: KS1
Subject links: Drama, English & History

View The Golden Hinde’s KS1 Interactive Powerpoint.

The Golden Hinde Interactive Powerpoint – KS2

Learn all about Francis Drake’s famous circumnavigation of the globe with fun activities, interactive handouts and brain-teasing quizzes!

This PowerPoint-based class activity is specially created to complement the national curriculum and is perfect for school or home learning.

Suitable for: KS2
Subjects links: Geography, History

View The Golden Hinde’s KS2 Interactive Powerpoint.

The Golden Hinde Educational Podcast

Tune into The Golden Hinde’s educational podcast to hear about Pirates, sea-battles and treasure hunts and sail through history aboard Sir Francis Drake’s galleon…

Suitable for: KS3, KS4 & KS5
Subject links: History

View The Golden Hinde’s Educational Podcast.

The Golden Hinde Educational Videos

Looking for adventure? Treasure? New horizons?! The Golden Hinde YouTube channel offers activities, arts & crafts, music and fascinating facts for pirates of all ages!

Check them out for some fun, teaching ideas and activities.

Suitable for: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 & KS5
Subject links: Art & History

View The Golden Hinde’s Educational Videos.

The Golden Hinde’s A Sailor’s Journal Activity Pack

Create your own seafaring adventure with this free activity pack from The Golden Hinde! 

This special downloadable activity book, for KS1 and up, encourages kids to imagine, draw, write and colour their own ocean voyage. Just like Sir Francis Drake’s famous round-the-world journey in 1577!

Suitable for: KS1, KS2 & KS3
Subject links: Art & Design, English & History

The Golden Hinde’s A Sailor’s Journal Activity Pack

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The Golden Hinde's Teaching Resources Education Programmes Gun Deck

Learn more about The Golden Hinde’s Teaching Resources & Activities

As well as their range of free teaching resources, The Golden Hinde offers a wealth of educational programmes and workshops. All are specially designed to link directly to the curriculum and are suitable for students of all ages.

Learn more about The Golden Hinde’s Education offering for Schools.

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