Our new Misson Statement

Theatres, museums, galleries, attractions and other cultural venues offer a wealth of free teaching resources, activities and teaching ideas. However, these incredible resources can quite often feel detached and distant from everyday learning.

The School Trip Community was created to help teachers connect with these venues – helping you connect arts & culture with the curriculum.

‘Community’ was never a random word, picked out of thin air. Instead, an idea of how we wish to work with teachers and arts & cultural venues alike. Openly sharing ideas and resources that can help shape a child’s education and inspire their future passions.

Even though currently closed to the public, we’re still having conversations with arts & cultural venues across the UK. Working with them to share their free teaching resources and new activities to help with home learning.

To reflect our drive, goals and passions, we’ve created a new ‘Misson Statement’ to outline what we wish to achieve going forward.

We want to work alongside teachers like you to make arts & culture as accessible and as easily accessed as possible. Working with you to help educate and inspire your students, sharing the unique educational value that these incredible arts & cultural venues can offer.

The Community is open to all teachers, and we love to hear from you. If you have any questions, ideas or anything else – please do get in touch.

I look forward to working with you and achieving our shared goals to inspire students with arts & culture.

Best wishes & speak soon,


Founder, The School Trip Community
[email protected]
07470 660804

Our new Misson Statement

There’s no better way to ignite passion in arts & cultural subjects than allowing students to experience them for themselves.

We believe that arts & culture should be accessible and easily accessed by everyone.

From visiting an exhibition to watching a play, school trips have always been an excellent way to help you bring subjects to life. They also inspire new passions and interests as your students experience something new.

However, arts & culture can feel detached and separate from everyday learning. Inaccessible and distant to many schools, families and students.

We want to work with you to bridge this gap.

The School Trip Community will help you inspire your students. The site provides you with all the information, resources and activities you can use to easily connect arts & culture directly into your classroom.

We’ll help you connect with theatres, museums, galleries and attractions across the UK. Sharing with you their latest news, teaching ideas and hundreds of teaching resources and activities. All that you can download and use for free!

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