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Taking a school trip is one of the best times of the year. So why can planning it be one of the worst?

School Trips are an amazing chance to bring concepts and ideas to life, to experience something different and create new interests and passions for your students that they’ll remember for life. However, with ever increased workloads and budget considerations, school trip planning can become stressful, hard to organise and unfortunately inaccessible for many students. 

That’s why we created The School Trip Community. We believe school trips are a vital tool to compliment a child’s learning and personal development. We want to help teachers connect with amazing school trip venues, helping them plan educational visits smarter, faster and easier.

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What does The Community offer?

The School Trip Community is a new teacher resource hub offering free ideas, advice, and guides for teachers planning school trips. It also provides a library of free, downloadable education packs, lesson plans and educational resources for teachers to use at any time.

Members of The Community have the exclusive benefit of access to free invitations for teacher events to see a range of musicals, plays, exhibitions, and attractions, helping them plan and take their next school trip.

We’re working with the top school trip venues across the UK. From drama trips to see the newest shows and history trips to visit the latest exhibitions, we’ll be here to provide free, unlimited ideas, advice, and support for teachers planning educational trips.

We can’t wait to get started and welcome you as one of our founding members. If you have any questions or why like to hear more about us – please free to get in touch!

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