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School trips are a fantastic opportunity to bring subjects to life and to provide an unforgettable educational and inspiring experience for your students. However, as you know all too well, school trip planning isn’t easy. With budget constraints, heavy workloads and reams of paperwork, planning a school trip has become even harder and more stressful. 

We hate that this is the case and so that’s was why we created The School Trip Community. We want to help teachers by taking some of the stress out of the planning process.

Whatever the subject link, Key Stage relevance, location or budget, we are determined to help you find the educational visit that suits you. We offer free, unlimited advice to members of ‘The Community’, helping them plan smarter, faster and easier. 

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Taking the stress out of the planning process.

There are countless school trip venues, with so much choice of what to see and do. A great variety is naturally incredible, and we welcome the range, choice, and quality that trip venues now provide. But with so much on offer, it’s harder to know what type of educational visit and which school trip venue is most suitable for you. 

We’ll be working with the top theatres, museums, galleries, exhibitions, and attractions from across the UK, giving you all the information you need to plan a fantastic school trip in a comprehensive, but simple and clear format. From prices, booking details and venue information, to education resources, lesson plans, and risk assessments; everything that you’ll need to plan your next school trip will be right here. 

We’re not an education tour operator or a ticket agent – The School Trip Community is a free to use education resource, 100% there to help teachers like you plan fantastic educational visits. 

Making the trip educational.

When we speak to teachers, one of the greatest causes of stress we come across is the educational value of the trip. With sometimes lines of management longer than the school hall, the educational value and relevancy are constantly scrutinised. We don’t disagree with the sentiment, but we do understand the stress it causes teachers and want to help.

We understand the amount of work that goes into sourcing and planning a trip before it even gets to those final hurdles of getting it signed off. Whether it’s the Head of Department, Headteacher and (perhaps notably) the parent, we don’t want all that hard work going to waste. It’s why we’re available whenever you need us to talk through your plans. Together we can find ways to help you promote and sell the educational value of the trip into who you need to.

All our school trip ideas will outline what subjects it relates to, but then also the direct curriculum and exam board links as well. We do this, so you don’t have to and hopefully, make your life simpler, and make the whole process that little easier. 

We promote the idea of ‘cross-curricular study’ and also the belief that school trips are not just there as educational tools, but as valuable social and cultural experiences for your students. School trips don’t only offer a wealth of educational value, but also a brilliant opportunity for enrichment and personal development. School trips quite often provide a unique opportunity for students to learn about new cultures and ideas and chances to spark new and exciting passions.

Working to reduce the paperwork.

Whether we like it or not, paperwork (and plenty of it!) and has become a reality and a significant cause of stress! Unfortunately, we can’t help you escape the forms, reports and other assessments you have to complete, but we can try to make them a little easier. That’s why we work with school trip venues to provide you with Risk Assessments and Health & Safety templates plus complete Accessibility information to freely use. 

It’s also why we organise exclusive events for teachers to see a range of shows, exhibitions, and attractions. They’re a fantastic opportunity to experience the trip for yourself, but also a chance to see the surrounding area and to help you complete your assessments and judgments before the trip.

Conclusion – school trips are stressful.

From the moment you start to plan and book the trip to the time you leave the school grounds on a coach with 50 children, school trips are stressful.

School trips are also incredibly fun and quite often some of the highlights of the year and your student’s school life. 

However much we want to, we can’t escape the stressful nature of planning. However, that shouldn’t stop us trying to reduce and minimise that stress to help you plan your next educational visit smarter, faster and easier.

From our comprehensive school trip ideas to our free resources and exclusive invitations, everything we do at The School Trip Community is there to help teachers like yourself plan amazing school trips. 

We can give you all the tools and information you need and also be at the end of the phone if you ever need us to answers any questions, queries, issues (or stresses) you may have. If you ever need us, please do get in touch – we are always more than happy to help.

The School Trip Community is entirely free to use, and we hope to see you at one of our events soon!

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