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We have resources for all ages and topics including Art, English, Music, History, Geography, Architecture and Science. These resources vary from creating puzzles online to fun quizzes, mindful art, creating mosaics, designing a coat of arms and making bird feeders.

There’s something for everyone, no matter the weather!

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Museum of London The Great Fire of London Game Teaching Resource Profile Image

Museum of London

The Museum of London gives students a new perspective on our thrilling capital!

Museum of London’s collection directly supports the curriculum, with so many FREE resources covering the Stone Age and Great Fire of London and many more. These fun videos, interactive games and quizzes are perfect activities for your kids to do at home in the holidays.

Ages: 5-11

Subject links: History, Art & Design


Stone Age Skills Educational Video

Stone Age Hunter-Gatherer Quiz

Great Fire 1666: A Minecraft Experience

Great Fire 1666: An Interactive Story

Great Fire of London Educational Game

Puppetry in the Primary Classroom Video

The Beatles Story’s Draw a Beatle Art Resource

The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story have linked the story of The Beatles, their early lives, fame and combined creativity to selected areas of the National Curriculum: history, literacy, art and music to actively encourage and involve children in their own learning.

The Beatles Story offers many FREE resources, we have selected the best resources your children can do at home this summer.

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Subject links: History, Art & Music, Literacy, Geography


Create an Instrument Music Resource

Can You Create Magazine Articles?

Here There and Everywhere Resource

Songwriting English Resource

Pop Art Resource

Sgt Pepper Art Resource

Draw a Beatle Art Resource

Cavern Club Wall Art Resource

Songwriting 2 English Resource

Song Creator Music Resource

Octopus’ Garden Art Resource

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The New Art Gallery Walsalls Online Workshops Resource Image

The New Art Gallery Walsall

The New Art Gallery Walsall presents, collects and interprets historic, modern and contemporary art in innovative and challenging ways.

Education is at the heart of everything they do, promoting the use of visual arts as an educational tool to inspire, excite, and develop skills, knowledge and understanding. With an aim to provide an excellent model of accessibility to reach the broadest possible audience.

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Subject links: Art & Design, Architecture


Making Hand Books Educational Video

On Pastel Educational Video

Create Your Own Tangram

Building a Balancing Structure

Making a Bird Feeder

Victoria Art Gallery’s Jigsaw Puzzles – People Resource

Victoria Art Gallery

Victoria Art Gallery is the public art museum in Bath. It is run by Bath & North East Somerset Council and houses its collection of paintings, sculpture and decorative arts.

The Gallery was named to celebrate Queen Victoria’s sixty years on the throne. It includes over 1,500 decorative arts treasures, including a display of British oil paintings from 17th century to the present day with works by Thomas Gainsborough, Thomas Jones Barker and Walter Sickert.

Victoria Art Gallery has some great at home activities from beautiful puzzles to creative writing and Sgrafitto art technique.

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Subject links: History, Art & Design, Literacy


Try out Sgrafitto

People Jigsaw Puzzles

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

Landscape Jigsaw Puzzles

Bath Time Travellers – Creative Writing

Mindful Art Activities

WWT Lifecycles Main 1000 x 710

WWT London Wetland Centre

London Wetland Centre provides unique opportunities for learners of all ages and abilities to get close to wetland wildlife from the UK and across the world.

They include a range of interactive resources that can be used to enhance learning from making bird feeders to bug hotels and binoculars.

Ages: 5-11

Subject links: Science, Art & Design, Geography, PSHE


Make Your Own Bird Feeder Activity Resources

Marvellous Minibeasts Resources

Tremendous Trees Resources

Who Eats Who Resources

Make Your Own T-Shirt Shopping Bag Activity Resources

Make Your Own Lego Bird Table Activity Resources

Identification and Classification Resources

Make Your Own Bug Hotel Activity Resources

Plant Detectives Resources

Bite-Size Activity Resources

Make Your Own Binoculars Activity Resources

Make Your Own Water Cycle in a Jar Activity Resources

Make Your Own ‘Eggy-Cress’ Animal Activity Resources

Make Your Own Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder Activity Resources

Beckford’s Tower’s Coats of Arms Resource

Beckford Tower

Built between 1826 and 1827, Beckford’s Tower is an extraordinary building that was once home to one of the greatest collections of books, furniture and art in Georgian England and now stands as the only surviving example of William Beckford’s great architectural achievements.

Beckford Tower offers some great creative resources where your children can create their own coat of arms, design their perfect garden and build a toilet roll tower, plus many more activities to keep them engaged this summer.

Ages: 7-14

Subject links: Art & Design, Architecture


Songs and Rhymes to Sing at Home

Loo Roll Binoculars

 Swirly Staircases

Easy Tower Papercraft

Matchbox Collector

Toilet Roll Towers

Design Your Perfect Garden

My Gallery Wall

Building Challenges

My Collectors Box

Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

Cut out and Build

Coats of Arms

Historic Environment Scotland’s Investigating Abbeys and Priories in Scotland Resource

Historic Environment Scotland

Historic Environment Scotland tap into more than 5,000 years of Scotland’s story with free visits, events and learning resources. Their resources will provide your kids with some great fun activities they can sink their teeth into at home.

Ages: 3-14

Subject links: Art & Design, Architecture, History


Make a Mini Catapult with Craft Knight Video

Make Your Own Jousting Champions Video

Gardyloo Game

Playing with the Past: Playful Pack for Little Learners Game

Make Your Own Heraldic Shield

Design a Castle Stronghold

Make a Working Trebuchet

That Job is History Game

The Roman Baths’ Minerva Wordsearch Resource

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths, at the heart of the City of Bath World Heritage Site, consists of the remarkably preserved remains of one of the greatest religious spas of the ancient world. The city’s unique thermal springs rise in the site and the Baths still flow with natural hot water.

The Roman Baths offer a diverse selection of resources from word searches to creating mosaics to mindful art activities.

Ages: 5-14

Subject links: Art & Design, History, English


Merels Game

Hunting with Hounds Mosaic

Minerva Word Search

The Great Roman Britain Challenge

Roman Mosaic Patterns

Make a Posy Basket

Roman Festivals – Goddess Flora

Roman Games

Awesome Axes

Bath Time Traveller – Vikings

The Great Roman Britain Challenge 1

Roman Soldier to Saint – The Story of St George

Mindful Art Activities

Bath Time Travellers – Normans

Measure Like a Roman

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Herschel Museum of Astronomy’s Amazing Acrostic Poems Resource

Herschel Museum

The Herschel Museum of Astronomy is dedicated to the many achievements of the Herschels, who were distinguished astronomers as well as talented musicians.

It was from this house, using a telescope of his own design that William discovered the planet Uranus in 1781.

The Herschel Museums’ free resources encourage kids creativity in writing, painting and creating whilst teaching them more about space and poetry.

Ages: 3-14

Subject links: Art & Design, History, English, Astronomy


Planet Top Trumps

Caroline’s Comet

Amazing Acrostic Poems

Galaxy Paintings

Crazy Telescope Designs

No.1 Royal Crescent Jigsaw Puzzle Resource

No 1 Royal Crescent

No. 1 Royal Crescent is a museum which has been decorated and furnished just as it might have been during the period 1776-1796.

The rooms feature historic furniture, pictures and objects that reveal what life was like for Bath’s fashionable residents.

No. 1 Royal Crescent has some fun baking recipes, colouring activities, puzzles and designing projects. Your kids are sure to learn something new from these fun and creative resources.

Ages: 7-18

Subject links: Art & Design, History, English, Home Economics


Georgian Treats Recipes

Jigsaw Puzzles

Decorative Prints

Georgian Paper’s Dress-Up Dolls

Fantastic Fans

Colouring and Making Worksheet

National Videogame Museums Create Your Own Pixel Art Character Design Worksheet Resource Image

National Videogame Museum

The National Videogame Museum is where you can experience the past, present and future of play in this interactive, family-friendly museum, home to a hundred playable game exhibits, workshops and game creation stations.

The NVM wants to get everybody making and learning videogames! Through their learning programmes, they want to inspire people of all ages to explore their creativity, improve their STEM skills and have fun whilst learning!

Ages: 7-18

Subject links: Art & Design, Computing, Design & Technology


Create Your Own Pixel Art Character Design Worksheet

Getting Started with Pixel Art Video

Design a Videogame Controller

Getting Started with Bitsy Video

British Airways i360 Spot the Difference Teaching Resource Front Cover

British Airways i360

Move the classroom to the skies with a school trip to British Airways i360.

British Airways i360 offer a fun selection of free resources covering reflection and symmetry, spot the difference, how to use a compass and many other fun activities.

Ages: 5-11

Subject links: Geography, Maths


Reflection & Symmetry (Part 1)

Reflection & Symmetry (Part 2)

Compass Directions Worksheet (Part 1)

Compass Directions Worksheet (Part 2)

Spot the Difference Worksheet

UK Parliament’s World War One and Parliament Resource

UK Parliament

UK Parliament’s award-winning Education and Engagement Service offers a wide range of free resources and services for teachers and school children, linked to the UK curricula.

These free teaching resources include a huge selection of educational videos from introducing parliament to Guy Fawkes and so many inbetween.

Ages: 7-18

Subject links: Citizenship, History, Politics, English


Simon de Montfort Video

UK Parliament and World War II Video (Secondary)

World War One and Parliament Video and Resource

Who is in the House of Lords? Educational Video

Magna Carta for the 21st-Century Video

Introduction to UK Parliament Video

UK Parliament and World War II Video (Primary)

MP for a Week Online Game

Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night Video

Museum of Bath Architecture’s Windows Heritage Hunt Resource

Museum of Bath Architecture

If you have ever wondered why Bath is such a beautiful city full of eighteenth-century buildings and sweeping crescents, classical architecture, Roman history and more modern structures. Plus, how it was designed and built, then this is the first place you should visit.

Explore the rich architectural history of Bath as it was transformed from a small medieval town to the world-famous Georgian city through these free resources your kids can enjoy from the comforts of their own home.

Ages: 7-18

Subject links: Art & Design, History, Geography, Maths, Design & Technology


LEGO Architecture Challenge 1: Scale

LEGO Architecture Challenge 2: Repetition

LEGO Architecture Challenge 3: Symmetry

LEGO Architecture Challenge 4: Mass

LEGO Architecture Challenge 5: Buildings for Entertainment

LEGO Architecture Challenge 6: Spacing Columns

LEGO Architecture Challenge 7: Pediments

LEGO Architecture Challenge 9: Symmetry Part 2

The Bath Heritage Plaque Challenge

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Fashion Museum Bath Colouring Sheets Resource

Fashion Museum Bath

The Fashion Museum Bath holds a world-class collection of contemporary and historic dress.

The Museum of Costume was opened in the Assembly Rooms 1963. It was founded by Doris Langley Moore, a designer, collector, writer and scholar, who gave her famous private collection of costume to the city of Bath.

These free resources include a variety of fun creative activities where your kids can make a chunky bangle, origami, colour in clothes, learn how to stitch and do a fun fashion inspired word search.

Ages: 7-16

Subject links: Art & Design, Fashion & Textiles, History


Colouring Sheets

Colouring Silhouettes

Word Search

Brilliant Buttons

Straw Weaving – Make a Chunky Bangle

Origami Shirt

Lucy Locket and Pockets

Knitting and Stitching Worksheet


We know the summer holidays can be tough as a parent but we have loads of FREE resources to help keep your kids busy, creative and learning.

From videos to colouring in, word finds, baking, designing telescopes and making bangles, there is something for everyone.

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